''we are all Europeans''

''we are all Europeans''


The duties and operational objectives of E.G.T.C AMPHICTYONY that contribute to the achievement of its goal are the following:

  • The joint action and co-operation amongst its members
  • The respect in all levels of the principles of freedom, democracy, justice, security and protection of the environment.
  • The facilitation and promotion of cross border, interstate and/or interregional co-operation, with a view to reinforcing social and financial cohesion among its members.
  • The realization of programs that are co-funded by the European Union (E.U.) through the European Fund of Regional Development, the European Social Fund and/or the Cohesion Fund
  • The realization of actions of territorial co-operation amongst its members with or without the E.U.’s financial contribution
  • The collaboration with scientific centers and institutions, established in the countries of the Mediterranean, with E.U. institutions and
  • International organizations, Self-government or not.
  • Exchange of information, experiences, promotion and application of successful practices among its members
  • Access to information and knowledge by means of utilizing data banks, new technologies and the development of the information society
  • Strengthening the participation of the Citizen and the agencies of the Local Societies within the frame of territorial, financial and social collaboration among its members