Amphictyony in antiquity

Amphictyony in antiquity

Amphictyony was the fusion of ancient Greek city - states with a central sanctuary. Etymologically the term Amphictyons states joining neighboring clans . The institution Amphictyony is probably the oldest appearance of the city -state, because agents were tribal groups rather than states. Initially only had a religious character , but with the passage of time became a political union.

In Greece there were many such compounds , eg the Amphictiony Neptune in Kalavria ( current resources) , the Amphictiony of Apollo at Delos etc.

The Amphictiony Central Greece were twelve tribes , derived from Thessaly and Central Greece : The Ainianes , Achaeans , the Ionians , the Locrians , the clo , the magnets Peraivoi , the Phocians , the Fthiotes , the Boeotians , the Dolopes - Dorian and Thessaly.

Administration Amphictyony had the Amphiktionies conference and amfiktyoniki church. The congress constituted the hieromnemon , ie 24 permanent members , elected by lot from the 12 tribes Amphictyony (two votes for each race) , the pylagores , a secretary and a preacher .

The hieromnemon formed the board of management and was responsible for all aspects of the sanctuary. The Pylagores or agoratroi were representatives of Amphiktionies cities, who were elected annually and was responsible for defending the interests of their cities in the conference Amphictyony .

Finally amfiktyoniki church consisted of hieromnemon , their pylagores and those who were for any reason in the sanctuary at the time it was convened . Was charged only with the adoption of resolutions and did not have significant power.

The Amphictiony was seat of the sanctuary of Demeter at Anthili , near Thermopylae . After the First Holy War (590 BC) , ie when the Amphictyons took control of the temple of Delphi and struggles , sitting there in autumn ( oporini Pilea ) and Anthili spring ( eeriness Pilea ) . From the 4th century . B.C. to congress Amphictyon housed in a special building west of the sanctuary, the portal .

Most times, the conference conducted without competition for domination of the sanctuary and Amphictyony . However, in the 6th century . B.C. prevailed Thessalians the 5th and 4th centuries . B.C. Spartans and after 371 BC the Boeotians . Afterwards - after 346 BC - Philip , the Aetolians in the 3rd century . B.C. and in 168 BC Romans .

During the Roman era, the Panhellenic institution Amphictyony fell and later Emperor Hadrian established a new organization unit of the Greeks, the Greek .

Source:  "Odysseus" server: Greek Ministry of Culture & Sports