The main aim of E.G.T.C AMPHICTYONY is for the people of the Mediterranean to live in a continuously peaceful environment and one of constant development, financially effective, socially just and environmentally viable with cohesion and security in their areas.
The duties and operational objectives of E.G.T.C AMPHICTYONY that contribute to the achievement of its goal are the following:

-- The joint action and co-operation amongst its members
-- The respect in all levels of the principles of freedom, democracy, justice, security and protection of the environment.
-- The facilitation and promotion of cross border, interstate and/or interregional co-operation, with a view to reinforcing social and financial cohesion among its members.
-- The realization of programs that are co-funded by the European Union (E.U.) through the European Fund of Regional Development, the European Social Fund and/or the Cohesion Fund
-- The realization of actions of territorial co-operation amongst its members with or without the E.U.’s financial contribution
-- The collaboration with scientific centers and institutions, established in the countries of the Mediterranean, with E.U. institutions and International organizations, Self-government or not.
-- Exchange of information, experiences, promotion and application of successful practices among its members
-- Access to information and knowledge by means of utilizing data banks, new technologies and the development of the information society
-- The research, pursuit, preservation, promotion and utilization of the cultural identity of the Peoples of the Mediterranean towards the safeguarding of intercultural dialogue, the development of bonds of friendship, co-operation, respect and acceptance of diversity.
-- Strengthening the participation of the Citizen and the agencies of the Local Societies within the frame of territorial, financial and social collaboration among its members