The URGENT project was approved

The URGENT project was approved

Under the Europe for Citizens program, the URGENT project (Urban Re-Generation: European Network of Towns) was approved

-Urban Renaissance: European Network of Cities) The main objectives of the URGENT project are:

- The consolidation of a dialogue and common knowledge of citizens with different socio-economic backgrounds and from different European countries

- Strengthening active citizenship and jointly shaping policies and services in local communities, in particular for those groups of citizens who are usually excluded from decision-making processes

- Strengthen the capacity of local authorities to act as multipliers in their communities in order to involve all stakeholders

- Contributing to the creation of a sustainable network of cities that will be very active actors in Europe.

In this context, the URGENT project aims to address the growing fear, especially towards the phenomenon of migration, by approaching societies from the grassroots and creating a new type of bond and communication between the inhabitants of marginalized neighborhoods in urban centers.

The EGTC will participate in a research on the subject by addressing its Refugee Municipalities, completing questionnaires on local problems, the refugee situation, the main forms of discrimination, etc.

Pilot projects will be designed and the promotion of intercultural dialogue will be sought. In 2018, an International (2) day event will be held in Athens with the theme: Reactivation of European urban citizenship: A network without exclusions.

The project lasts 2 years from 1/9/2016 to 31/10/2018

Participating countries: Italy, Portugal, Former Republic of Macedonia, Albania, Malta, France, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Greece.